Who am I?

I am a third-year pharmacy and public health student at the University of Iowa. I know…I know…pursuing two degrees in graduate school is crazy, and I agree and I will NEVER do this again (I decided a few months ago to get another PhD in 2019…). I went to undergrad at Iowa, so I have been in the great state for almost 10 years. A third of my life has been spent in lectures, looking at thousands of PowerPoint slides, and drinking so much coffee that I’m surprise my heart hasn’t given out.

cop p1
First year of pharmacy school

Being this far in my academic career, I get questions about what I’m going to do once I graduate. Without asking, most people assume that I will work in a hospital or Walgreens. Not that these are horrible options and whoever works them are completely unhappy or have unfulfilled lives. Quite the contrary! I know so many people who are impacting patients’ lives and contributing so much to the healthcare and pharmacy fields. But not every pharmacy student is destined for traditional careers.

I am not your typical pharmacy student. I am a Chicago-born, culturally sensitive, Type B, inclusive naturalist that seeks to understand and live life. Thus, my view of life has impacted my view of pharmacy. I tend to look beyond the borders of the U.S. of A. and seek  opportunities for pharmacists to expand their practice throughout the world. I hope to improve the health and achieve equity in health for all people worldwide, which sounds like a big feat for a pharmacist. The picture of a person in a white coat, standing in a room with no windows, and counting a billion pills (not to be confused with a drug dealer or meth-maker) is a semi-accurate stereotype, which has nothing to do with the health of people in other countries. But it could be!

So all that jargon was basically an intro into why I am doing this blog and eventually vlogs. I am traveling to Cluj-Napoca, Romania for three months this summer to do pharmacy research, then I will return in 8 weeks to complete a Fulbright Grant doing (you guessed it!) pharmacy research. I will discuss more about my project in an upcoming vlog!


You are probably like, “Romania…that’s cool…”.

You know what? IT IS COOL! IT’S FREAKING AWESOME! Romania has so much to offer and after being there for a full summer in 2016, I was so taken with how welcoming and giving Romanians are. It was one of many places where I felt like the lamest person. I tried to up my clothing and make-up game because I felt so under-dressed and just blah. I made amazing friends and created memories that I will treasure forever. That summer gave me so much life, and I only hope that I can offer the same gift.

So this blog (and vlogs) will hopefully give you insight into the life of a pharmacy student, which I do not think I have ever seen, heard, or read. It will also help you experience Romania, which is an Eastern European treasure and I hope through my lens you all can experience something unforgettable.

Until next time!

La revedere! (Good-Bye!)

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