My global pharmacy rotation experience is something I will recommend to any future pharmacy students in which I interact. My experienced allowed me to become fully immersed into the culture and grow as a pharmacy student. I expanding upon foundational knowledge and have a better appreciation and perspective for different cultural views on western medicine versus natural medicine. One specific activity that I really enjoyed while on rotation was being able to participate on a radio talk show. The local pharmacy participates on a radio talk show weekly at the local radio station. Each week the pharmacist discusses different health topics and brings in experts from the field to discuss the health topic, if needed. The radio talk show has gained followers from all over the world specifically for the pharmacy information. Radio health talks are able to reach a large population and if individuals have questions there is a sense of anonymousness if individuals have questions as well. The week we were able to contribute the topic of discussion was community acquired pneumonia. All four students on rotation were able to participate on the talk show. There were multiple individuals that called and had questions about community acquired pneumonia. Those questions prompted discussions about other components of the disease as well. At the completion of the show, I felt an overwhelming sense of positive impact on population health. Although I was not able to physically see the impact, all of the listeners to the talk show either learned something new about the disease state, became aware of a disease state in general, or was reminder of the disease. The radio show is a great example of how to share information about a specific topic to a large population. The benefit of having a live show allows individuals to call in with questions versus having a podcast version of the show. The radio talk show was a wonderful application of patient friendly terms and keeping information simple and applicable. I plan to incorporate this version of health information in my future as a pharmacist.

2019- torey health screening2019 - Torey on the radio

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