Students traveling to Dominica, West Indies for this Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) developed in 2010 will have the experience of a lifetime.

Prior to travel, students are expected to participate in an online pre-training, self-paced course. Over the course of the five week rotation, students first complete a one week pre-departure orientation in Iowa.

Onsite in Dominica, students’ time is divided into the following:

  • One week: Private pharmacy community practice and public health (e.g. continuing education presentation for pharmacists, teaching at a Pharmacy School, employer based health screenings and school outreach visits.
  • One week: Rural and natural medicine consisting of collaboration with local pharmacy / health centers operated by the Ministry of Health in which student participate in providing health education and pharmacy services. For the natural medicine component, students learn about traditional healing practices, the integration of traditional healing, and patient health beliefs.

After travel, students participate in a one week debrief to reflect and develop resource to further promote sustainability and to address needs identified by local partners.

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